Interim Accommodation Harrogate

From time to time, Harrogate Elite Living has been requested to accommodate guests on a short to medium term basis, such as from 1 to 3 months. Our apartments are absolutely ideal accommodation for these often stressful periods, where we strive to provide a fully furnished apartment allowing guests to merely come through the front door with their belongings and feel at home within moments of arrival. Not only do we provide clean, safe and tidy apartments of the highest quality, but we will also help by providing all bed/bathroom linens, servicing as per client requirements and offering laundry services.

Our aim is to take care of the housekeeping elements allowing the guests to concentrate on their other more pressing concerns. There are a whole variety of reasons that we helped guests through these interim periods, and we are more than happy to discuss short to medium term fully furnished rental properties available from 1 week to 3 months.

In the past, we have helped many clients with the following requirements:

Interim work assignments

Where guests are assigned to work in the Harrogate region on a short term contract, we are delighted to offer a fantastic alternative to the hotel room. Having your own apartment with cooking facilities and somewhere that you can call home, without the issues of maintaining it, our apartments provide an ideal support to allow guests to concentrate on their new work assignments. Wifi throughout the apartments allows guests to work from their new home if required, and of course to keep in touch with their family and friends back home. Also, this is ideal for a couple where only one of you is going to work, as the other one has the advantage of being located close to all of Harrogate’s lovely attractions and shops.

Relocating to Harrogate

A lot of our guests are those relocating to the area, but who have not found a suitable property or wish to spend some time discovering the different aspects of Harrogate before they make a more permanent decision. Staying in one of our apartments will provide you with this valuable time, and of course the owners are more than happy to introduce you to prospective estate/letting agents and talk through the local housing market.

Building and renovation work on guests main homes

Where guests have been having extensive renovations or alterations to their own homes, they have often turned to us for a 4 to 6 week period to provide a temporary home whilst the works are being carried out. This allows guests to be on site each and every day if necessary, and then to come home to a nice clean and warm environment and spend a relaxing evening (invariably planning the next days challenges!).

Timing issues on moving house

Quite often we find that guests might need to sell their houses to new owners before their own property is available, either due to moving to a new build or due to their new houses not being vacant. Traditional 6 month short term rental periods are not appropriate for this market, and therefore we offer a nice interim solution to cover this difficult period.

Divorce and relationship breakdown

It is always sad when a relationship breaks down, but we strive to take some of the pain away by providing an instant home whilst guests get back on their feet. Often taking a couple of weeks to review options leads to a far happier and more fruitful future than making a decision in haste and repenting at leisure.

This type of accommodation is bespoke to each individual guest, so please contact us on
+44 (0)1423 509 224 to discuss your specific requirements.